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Go to Christmas on 5th Avenue Tour

Christmas on 5th Avenue Tour

Celebrate the holidays like a New Yorker. Shop at some NYC holiday markets, see some of the most popular New York City department store holiday window displays, with stops at Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller and other must-see attractions. (click on photo for more info)

Go to bootleggers, Booze & Broads Crawl

bootleggers, Booze & Broads Crawl

Crawl through infamous New York speakeasies for a taste of classic drinks while you learn about the underbelly of New York’s history on a walking tour through iconic neighborhoods. (click on photo for more info)

Go to Ghost & Graveyard Crawl

Ghost & Graveyard Crawl

Uncover the haunted secrets of some of New York City’s most haunted bars. (click on photo for more info)

Go to South Village Italian Food Crawl

South Village Italian Food Crawl

Eat at classic mom & pop food shops in the old Italian neighborhood of Greenwich Village, in New York City. (click on photo for more info)

Why Us?

Our public tours are small groups only, no more than fifteen people, so you can feel you are with friends. We do have a wait list; if there is high demand for a tour we will add another guide. We’ve all been on tours with groups of more than 20 people and it just makes for a bad experience. Since we mostly ignore the tourist traps and take people to areas where the locals hang, the businesses appreciate small groups. We arrange everything with the businesses beforehand to ensure a pleasant experience all around.